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Share your contact information in seconds with our flexible, widely compatible Digital Business Card (vCard) QR code solutions. You can customize your e-business card to match your personality or brand, or choose from a wide range of templates in our collection.
Grow your network with every scan

What is a digital business card?

Digital business cards have evolved from a need for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional paper cards.
The vCard format, born in the early '90s, set the standard for electronic contact exchange.

Fast forward to today: vCard QR codes have made sharing digital business cards much easier. It only takes a scan to share and store contact information from one device to another.
Why shift to digital business cards?Why shift to digital business cards?Say goodbye to paper clutter; e-business cards are fast, efficient, and long-lasting. Keep your professional identity within reach—accessible anytime, anywhere.?
vCards + QR CodesvCards + QR CodesQR TIGER is a pioneer of vCard QR codes—the smart, swift way to exchange contact information. They’re like a virtual handshake that bridges the gap between you and high-value contacts.

Why choose vCard QR Codes?

Effortlessly generate your vCard QR code with our user-friendly e-business card QR code generator. Customize it to reflect your brand and personality and expand your reach without limits, from business meetings to networking events.
Know the many benefits of vCards
Digital business cards last much longerDid you know that about 88 percent of business cards get thrown away within a week? vCard QR codes get your contact information stored directly onto the other person’s device, minimizing the risk of your name ending up of.
QR code management
They work with digital walletsSeamlessly integrate your vCard into Apple Wallet or Google Pay, ensuring your details are always just a scan away.
Trackable data
Showcase your brand or personal identityQR TIGER offers the perfect blend of efficiency and personal touch. Customize both your QR code and e-business card with your logo and colors.
Integration and retargeting tool
Most industries have shifted to vCardsThe future of networking is now, and with our vCard QR code solutions, you can make connections like the rest of the world do.
Integration and retargeting tool

The QR TIGER Advantage

Here’s why we are the top choice among QR code generators
  • Customizable QR Codes for Your Brand
    Customizable QR Codes for Your Brand
  • Over 20 Solutions at Your Fingertips
    Over 20 Solutions at Your Fingertips
  • Cutting-edge Tracking Capabilities
    Cutting-edge Tracking Capabilities
  • Integrate with Your Favorite Tools
    Integrate with Your Favorite Tools
  • 24/7 Customer Success Managers
    24/7 Customer Success Managers
Customizable QR Codes for Your BrandCraft QR codes that align with your brand by incorporating logos and colors for a distinctive identity.
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Highest levels of security

QR TIGER is GDPR and CCPA compliant. We are the only QR generator that is ISO 27001 certified.
Gdpr compliant
Most advanced safety tools like 2FA - internal audits
Monitored 24/7 by human and artificial intelligence
GDPR Compliant
Fully compliant with EU and CA privacy regulations
Data anonymized prior to database storage
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18K+ Developers already using our APIs
Thousands of dedicated projects
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An infrastructure that’s set up to grow with you
QR TIGER can help you take you to the next level. Let us show you how

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We have been featured in over a hundred publications
ForbesQR TIGER is an advanced QR Code generator that allows you to customize your QR codes and track valuable customer data. You can create dynamic QR codes for URL, files, vCards, and Multi-URL.Forbes
Yahoo financeAs the digital climate continues to evolve it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work from those who wish to stay on top. One thing is for sure: However the space changes, it is certain that QR TIGER will be there, leading the charge.Yahoo Finance
Gulf newsQR TIGER is designed to meet the changing needs of modern marketers and businesses, making it the best QR code generator in the market today.Gulf News
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is a virtual representation of traditional business cards, accessible online. It typically includes contact information, company details, and other relevant information.

How does a digital business card differ from a traditional one?

Unlike traditional cards, a digital business card is stored electronically and can be easily shared and accessed via smartphones or other digital devices.

What is a vCard?

A vCard is a standard file format for electronic business cards. It contains contact information and can be easily shared, making it a convenient way to exchange details digitally.

What is a vCard QR code?

A vCard QR code is a quick response code that, when scanned, instantly loads a vCard on the user's device. It simplifies the process of sharing and saving contact information.

How can I generate a vCard QR code?

You can generate a vCard QR code using a vCard QR code generator. Simply input your details, and the tool will create a scannable QR code that links to your virtual business card.

Why use a vCard QR code?

A vCard QR code offers a convenient and efficient way to share contact information digitally. It streamlines networking and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Can I customize my vCard QR code?

Yes, many vCard QR code generators allow customization. You can add your logo, choose colors, and personalize the appearance to align with your branding.

Is it compatible with all devices?

Yes, vCard QR codes are universally compatible. They can be scanned and saved on smartphones, tablets, and other devices equipped with a QR code reader.

How secure is sharing contact information through vCard QR codes?

Sharing contact information via vCard QR codes is secure. The data is typically static and doesn't pose a security risk, as opposed to dynamic QR codes that may link to changing content.

How does it integrate with Apple Wallet and Google Pay?

You can easily add your vCard to Apple Wallet or Google Pay by scanning the QR code. This provides a seamless way for contacts to save your information on their mobile devices.

Can I track who scans my vCard QR code?

Some vCard QR code generators offer advanced tracking features, allowing you to monitor and analyze who has scanned your QR code, providing valuable insights for your networking efforts.